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Custom rubber wristbands

Different Styles of Rubber Wristbands

customrubberpinsThere are different kinds of wristbands made from various materials. Aside from wristbands made of leather and fabric, there are also wristbands made from rubber. Rubber wristbands can be customized and there are also various styles to choose from.

Want to more about the different rubber wristband styles? Here is a list containing information about them:

1. Blank Wristbands

Blank wristbands are plain, single-colored custom rubber wristbands that have no words or symbols engraved on them. They are also one of the cheapest rubber wristbands available.

2. Debossed Wristbands

Debossed wristbands are standard, single-colored rubber bracelets that have words engraved on them. This type of rubber wristband is perfect for those who are looking for affordable wristbands where they can put special messages on.

3.Debossed Color-Filled Wristbands

Words and symbols can also be engraved on debossed color-filled wristbands. The letters on these single-colored, custom rubber wristbands are filled with color in order to emphasize the messages people want to convey. Debossed color-filled wristbands are recommended for those who want their messages to stand out.

4.Embossed Wristbands

Single-colored embossed wristbands feature bold fonts. The letters on these wristbands are raised and emphasized. People who are fond of using their sense of touch will definitely love touching this type of wristband.

5.Silkscreen Wristbands

The letters and symbols on this type of wristband are silkscreened. Silkscreen wristbands are perfect for those organizations with colorful and intricate logos. With this type of wristband, you’ll be able to get the exact logo you’re expecting.

6.Marbled or Swirled Wristbands

You would be able to mix two or more colors on this type of wristband. They will also give you a swirled, “tie-dyed” effect. Marbled wristbands are perfect for those who want artistic-looking rubber bracelets.

7.Segmented Wristbands

With Segmented wristbands, you would be able to produce a “gradient effect” by combining two or more colors. These wristbands are perfect for fans of school sport teams who are proud to show their signature colors.

8.One-inch Wristbands

One-inch wristbands are much thicker compared to the other styles of custom rubber wristbands. The letters presented on these “fat” wristbands are also bigger and bolder. This type of wristband is recommended for those who want their messages to be seen clearly.

9.Micro Wristbands

Micro wristbands are the thinnest type of wristband that you can get, but don’t underestimate these rubber bracelets. Even though these wristbands are slim, you can still put meaningful messages to them. Micro wristbands are recommended for those who like to wear bangles.

10.Slap Wristbands

Want a cool, fun wristband where you can put your messages? Maybe slap wristbands are perfect for you. Just simply slap the bracelet and it will automatically curl in your wrist. Kids will surely love these accessories because these custom rubber wristbands have a “magical” effect.

11.Finger Bands

Who says bands are only for wrists? Special bands for fingers also exist. You can wear them like rings and even engrave messages on them. Finger bands can give protection to your fingers and these are recommended for those who love to play basketball.

12.Keychain Bands

Wristbands are not just for your wrists, they can also be attached to your belongings. Just like other custom rubber wristbands, you can also engrave special messages to these special keychain bands. This type of accessory is recommended for those who are not fond of wearing rubber bracelets. With Keychain bands, you can still show your support even though you are not wearing  a bracelet.

Given the sheer number of wristband types, not finding one that suits your preferences is virtually impossible.

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