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What Is Cremation?

Cremation is the process of using a very high temperature that ranges from 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the body of human and animal into bone fragments or dried bones. The intense heat helps in burning, vaporization and oxidation process that makes the body return to its basic elements. gentrygriffey.com became the only funeral home to operate an on-site crematory. Whether you are in need of traditional funeral options or cremation services.

The cremation chamber is preheated and prepared beforehand. The body which is usually placed in a casket or container made of leak-free, rigid and combustible materials is immediately transferred through a mechanized door to avoid loss of heat. The hot chamber also known as retort will incinerate the body with burning flames produced by propane, oil and natural gas. It can quickly burn the hair, skin and body. It will calcify the bones, char the muscles and vaporizes the tissues of the body until the elements disintegrate into ashes. During the process, the gases released will be discharged through the exhaust system of the crematory. The emissions are properly processed to neutralize the odor of the smoke and gases from the burning body.

Prior to cremation, non-combustible materials like rails, latches and decorative handles in the casket that can damage the cremation chamber will be automatically removed. There are some crematory providers that do not permit caskets made of metal to be used during the incineration process.

CremationPersonal possessions like jewelries and other valuable items that the family wants to keep must be removed. It is also necessary for the family to inform the crematory staff if the dead relative was given any radioactive medication. Mechanical implants, pacemakers and radioactive devices must be removed before the cremation takes place. These devices may explode during the process because of extreme heat and cause damage to the equipment in the chamber. It can also cause harm to mortuary technicians. The crematory service provider will not be responsible for the damages of destroyed materials. The personnel also have the authority to dispose materials according to the guidelines provided by the crematory.

If any members of the family wish to witness the pre-cremation process, they can notify the crematory management beforehand. A waiver or mutual agreement is signed for the crematory provider protection against any liability.

Sometimes, total disintegration is not possible so crematories use afterburner or secondary burner to completely burn the dead body. When the corpse is eventually reduced to its skeletal form, the remains are collected and put in a tray to cool down. Anything that is mixed with the remains such as metal objects from the casket like nails, hinges and screws are removed using forceps or magnets. Manual inspection will be done by the technician to make sure that there are no remaining metal or unnecessary materials mixed with the bone fragments.

Once assured, the technicians will ground the dried bones and pulverize them into sand-like materials with the use of cremulator machine. There are some crematories that use rods similar to long hoe to crush the bones and pulverize them. When the crushing is done, the ashes which are grayish-white in color will be placed inside an urn. The urn must be provided by the family. If there is none, the cremated remains will be transferred first to a plastic container, unfinished wood, cardboard or light metal box to avoid scattering the ashes.

The process of cremation usually takes one to three hours. It is also necessary to wait 48 hours before the process can be done. Local laws on the state will also be respected before administering the process. There are local restrictions on cremations and must be taken into consideration. Surviving family members must also make sure that it the decision is a unanimous decision to avoid problems especially on religious beliefs. The final rite which is the scattering of the ashes of the beloved can be a sad and traumatic experience so better decide with open hearts and minds before agreeing on cremation.

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