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DIY Storage

There are currently a lot of concerns regarding how expensive organizing could be. Indeed, storage containers are quite a bit too pricey, especially the larger ones. However, spending a fortune on these containers would happen only if you allow it to happen.

A lot of people give in to buying expensive storage bins just for the sake of being organized. What they don’t understand, though, is that the process of organizing could be really cheap and affordable, if not totally free, once they craft and make these storage containers with their own bare hands.

Storage containerIndeed, you could make your own customized storage containers in the comfort of your very own homes. If you have unused boxes, jars, excess wrapping paper from the previous Christmas season, fabric, old magazines, and some adhesive on hand, then you would no longer have to pay for anything as you create these containers, thus making organizing free.

If, however, you do not keep such materials in your homes, then you may pay the nearest craft shop a visit and look for, and subsequently purchase, all the materials you are going to need. Doing so would help you save a lot as compared to actually buying ready-made, expensive storage containers in shops.

Once you have everything you need on hand, check on below to know how to transform these simple materials into great, not to mention pretty organizers that will blow anyone’s mind.

The first DIY tip would be employing the use of old shoe boxes. Shoe boxes come in many different sizes. You could use the smaller ones for storing several items in your desk drawers like scissors and pencils, while the larger ones could be used for kitchen stuff like unused glasses or jars. To make these shoe boxes a little less boring and a lot more presentable, you could choose beautiful wrapping papers, or tear out colorful pages of old magazines to cover it. Fabric may also be used instead of paper. As a matter of fact, fabric could provide your boxes with a lot more durability as compared to how pieces of paper could.

Once you have been able to choose which covering material to use, simply use some adhesive, preferably spray-on adhesives, to attach the paper or fabric to the outer portion of the box. Make sure that the edges are properly covered, especially when using paper as the covering material, as these are the parts that get damaged easily.

For stuff that needs a little more space than what shoe boxes are capable of providing, such as yarns and craft tools, diaper boxes could be a better alternative. These are very durable, and these usually come in abundance, most especially in households with babies and toddlers. If you do not live in that kind of household, then maybe you can go and ask some from your sweet old neighbors. Again, to make these diaper boxes look pretty, cover them up with beautiful wrapping paper or excess fabric, just like how you would do with shoe boxes.

To organize your magazines, you could use an old magazine file you have in your home. You could also purchase a new, inexpensive one from bookstores instead. Dress these up with fabric or wrapping paper of your choice. Again, you should use spray-on adhesive to perfectly attach such covering material to the magazine file.

The last DIY tip would work great for kitchens, or desk tops. It’s a tip that would make your empty, unused jars at home useful. You could actually use these to organize desk items such as pens and crayons. You could also use these to organize spoons and forks in your kitchen, or maybe as vases for freshly-picked flowers. To make jars beautiful, though, you’re going to have to paint it in the most creative way you can. Let these jars dry for several hours, and these are good to go.

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